Frequently asked questions

A rickshaw ride is a novelty for many. That is why we are often asked questions. Here are the most frequently asked ones. If your question is not answered here, please contact us anytime.

The best thing about riding through Salzburg by rickshaw is that we are able to to drive through the streets unhindered as the Old City is off limits to cars. We drive through the little alleyways and cruise by the special sights that are only reachable on foot, not to mention the sights one might not be able to find on a first visit to the city. It allows you to see many of Salzburg’s best attractions in a relatively short amount of time and without the feeling of being whooshed by them.

There is really no specific group of people that rickshaw travel is NOT for. Families, big and small, enjoy our relaxing transportation service – including babies and small dogs! Seniors, on the other hand, are happy not to have to do everything on foot, and physically impaired people are also helped by our participation in a tour of the city. In all cases, of course, fun is not neglected, that much is certain.

  • 2 Adults
  • 2 Adults and 1 Child (0-6 years old)
  • 3 Children (3-10 years old)

Unfortunately not, we are bound by the law and are only allowed to drive 2 Adults at a time. Further down you will see more information for Groups wanting to ride with uneven numbers.

If you want to be 100% sure, that you find a seat with us and that you get the most experienced driver, making a reservation is highly recommended. Most of our drivers only work part-time and while they are studying here. That means there are always new drivers coming into our mix. If you want to have a great tour, you should make a reservation to get the best of the best. Our goal is that your tour of Salzburg is as enjoyable as possible and that is why experienced drivers are an essential part of the team. The capacity for the rickshaw is very small, only 2 Adults, and we also offer big tours of 3 hours, so it is possible, that you will not see any of our drivers by our stand for several hours.

As long as you are flexibel with the starting time and you don’t have more than 4 people in your group, 2-5 days in advance is sufficient. With this form you can send us your personal questions and tour requests.

The tour price is to be paid directly (in cash) to the drivers.

No problem! Our rickshaws are equipped with transparent rain covers – so you stay in the dry in any case and “keep a clear view”. Granted, the experience is definitely nicer in the sunshine, but on the other hand, when it rains, there is no other way to comfortably explore the city like this and stay dry at the same time. We have had many rides in pouring rain and guests have been very appreciative of the experience. However, you can also postpone the trip if, for example. the weather forecast should promise clearing for the afternoon or the next day. Of course, the tour should remain in your best memory.

When booking, you will be asked for your contact details – you will then receive a small update on the weather 1-2 days in advance and info on possible alternative options if necessary.

We can transport a maximum of 18 adults at the same time with our 9 vehicles. However, since not all 9 vehicles are always in use, it is absolutely necessary to make an arrangement in advance or you may have to pay extra for the journey.

As a matter of principle, no one drives “alone” because, after all, the driver is still “on board”. For group rides (2 rickshaws or more), the vehicles always stay together so that it is perceived as a communal experience. It is possible to stop at any time so that passengers can mix and mingle.

We have often transported guests with various physical disabilities. Whether crutches, rollator or wheelchair – you will find a solution for everything.

However, for safety reasons, the driver must remain seated on the rickshaw, since if the rickshaw is not secured from the rear, it would tip forward when boarding. If your companion can help you get in and out of the car, that would help us, of course. Otherwise, other rickshaw drivers can also assist at the stand. If you have a wheelchair or walker, we will leave it at the stand under supervision in the meantime. We also have a door-to-door service and will be happy to pick you up from your hotel or other place.

The ideas between big and small often differ greatly. Of course, as an adult, you also want to experience a little of the city – the smaller the children, the more difficult that turns out to be. But when the focus is on rickshaw driving, the little ones often completely forget about your 1001 important as well as less important questions. We are happy to leave the distribution of the family among the vehicles to you. Basically, we recommend a “children’s rickshaw” and an “adult rickshaw”. The drivers can then respond individually to the needs of the big and small. For the children, the focus is on the fun of driving, and for the adults it is on the cultural content – of course, they drive together.

A suitcase the size of carry-on luggage on airplanes usually has room on the lap, but only a small backpack is recommended. Our vehicles are very small – this guarantees that we can get into every conceivable alley, but it does not provide much storage space for luggage. The more you carry, the more uncomfortable you are. We can safely deposit strollers or walkers during the tour. Small trolleys can usually also be folded and carried along should the end of the tour differ from the point of entry.

Since the drivers work on an independent basis and contribute with their knowledge and experience, the tours are driven differently. All tours are suggestions that are within the realm of possibility. What exactly works out in terms of time for each tour also depends on the behavior of the guests. If guests frequently get off the bus during the trip to photograph things from various perspectives, buy souvenirs, etc., it can be difficult to see everything in the allotted time. … it can sometimes be tight to see everything in the allotted time. The time frame or budget to be spent on the rickshaw tour is determined by the guests. Our task is then to put together an appropriately comprehensive program according to the interests of the guests and to respond to individual needs. In the end, however, that’s exactly the beauty of it – no two tours are ever the same.